Magashule: ANC facing offensive onslaught within its own ranks


Secretary-General of the African National Congress (ANC), Ace Magashule, said the liberation movement was under siege throughout the world, adding that its custodians were contributing significantly to its own demise.

Speaking at the controversial provincial conference of the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal, Magashule told delegates that the enemy was within the ranks of the governing party and called for increased vigilance – not only in this conference but for years to come.

A vacuum has been created in KZN, after the last elected leadership was disbanded – following a prolonged court battle.

It is also the courts that have prevented previous conferences from going ahead, and the courts even threatened to derail the current conference.

The message from the Secretary General is quite clear. The courts should not be used to solve internal political problems.

“We need to frankly admit our own mistakes and be open to analyse the reasons for such mistakes, and therefore look for amicable ways of correcting them,” said Magashule.

“This is a task the historic leadership of our revolutionary movement has to inculcate within its own ranks and our people in general. It is therefore important in this context that we hide nothing from the masses of our people, that we tell no lies, that we expose lies whenever they are, that we mask no difficulties, mistakes and failures and therefore claim no easy victory,” added Magashule, calling for extensive self-reflection.

“The liberation movement throughout the world is facing a demise in the wake of the escalating offensive by the forces of imperialism and neo colonialism. Therefore, we need a thorough introspection of the unfolding world events and their far-reaching implications to the future struggles of humanity.

“The truth be told is that our movement is faced by an offensive onslaught from both within and outside its own ranks. If we do not take extraordinary measures, of making sure that we restore our ideological and theoretical orientation, restore the dignity of its true traditions and values of collective leadership and selflessness, of rooting out corruption and all its manifestations, of making sure that we fight factionalism, of listening to the wishes and the aspirations of our people, surely we face the peril of donating the baton of this precious gift from the founding fathers and mothers of our revolution, into the hands of those forces opposed to our noble programme for the transformation of our society,” he said.