Fitbit and Garmin now enabled with pay facility


Each day, technology advances in ways that leave many people flabbergasted. But, then there are advances which can make life that much easier for some of us.

Fitbit Pay™ and Garmin Pay™ users are the current recipients of such advances.

On Thursday, FNB announced that customers with compatible devices can now use their Fitbit and Garmin Wearables to make payments.

The payments are made possible via the Visa-enabled FNB Banking Cards. The devices can simply be tapped to make payments to a contactless-enabled point-of-sale device.

“To make payment, a customer simply selects the wallet feature and then taps their wearable on the contactless point of sale, just as they would when paying with their FNB Pay enabled smartphone or their contactless card,” FNB explained in a statement.

FNB’s Head of Digital Payments, Jason Viljoen, lauded the bank’s latest offering, explaining that it “complements a number of our digital solutions that enable customers to conveniently make payments without the need for carrying a physical card or cash. It further aligns with our ongoing strategy to migrate customers to digital channels where we continuously provide them with innovative and customer-centric solutions that meet a diverse range of needs.”

The bank has taken pains to assure customers of security, providing multiple layers of security which includes encryption and tokenization, which the bank says makes it one of the most secure methods of making payment.

“Customers can rest assured that their card details will remain private and secure as they will never be shared with retailers, Fitbit or Garmin,” the statement went on to explain.

A further layer of security that has been added to the Fitbit and Garmin devices includes entering your wearable pass-code should the device leave your wrist and be placed on it again.

“The device stays authenticated for 24 hours or until you take it off your wrist. In addition, the point of sale device will also prompt you to enter your card PIN for certain transactions. Both your card PIN and device passcode should never be shared with anyone,” Viljoen warns.

FNB advises that this payment solution is available to existing FNB/RMB Private Bank cardholders, who have compatible Fitbit or Garmin devices. Either device’s app must, however, be downloaded on the user’s cell phone. Those interested can find the list of compatible wearables on the Garmin and Fitbit websites.

“Upon linking an FNB Banking Card on the Fitbit or Garmin App, customers will be sent an OTP message via the FNB Banking App, SMS or email.

Customers will receive transaction notifications via the Banking App, SMS or email. They will also be able to view their transactions on their Fitbit or Garmin App 24/7,” FNB assures.