Family cancels funeral, after deceased’s body disappears at mortuary


A Kenyan family was left distraught on Tuesday, after the body of a dead relative went missing at a local mortuary.

Chaos unfolded at the Kiambu Level Five Hospital mortuary on Tuesday, when the family of the late Stephen Mburu arrived for a pick-up, only to be told that his body was not there.

The situation became more traumatic for everybody involved, when mortuary officials were then forced to recall the bodies of all men that had been released since the start of business on Tuesday morning.

However, those efforts failed to yield positive results either. Naturally, the family wants answers.

Suffice to say, Mburu’s burial could not take place.

“When we arrived at the mortuary this morning, we were given a body belonging to someone else and we rejected it. We demanded we be given Mburu’s body but it seemed that it had already been released to another family,” Mburu’s wife Njeri told the Nation.

“We checked all the bodies which were at the facility at the time, but none of them belonged to my late husband,” added Njeri.

The search for the body of Mr Mburu continues, after funeral plans had to be cancelled.

IMAGE CREDIT: Nation Media Group