President Duque reaches out to armed rebels


Ivan Duque (42) is Colombia’s youngest President and he hopes to succeed where those who came before him failed, by achieving peace with the Revolutionary Armed Forces that have run riot in that country for half a century.

A peace accord had already been signed between the warring groups. However, as history would dictate, ink and paper do not mean a considerable amount in that troubled country.

The jury is out on whether the objectives in this accord can be realised.

Can it be implemented? Duque thinks so.

There is still the small matter of cocaine production, which helps bankroll these armed groups.

It is a problem for Colombia and United States relations but stemming that revenue flow is something the armed guerrillas are not going to handle to well either.

“The moment has come for all of us to unite to fight against illegal groups,” said Duque in his inauguration speech on Tuesday.

Like many who came before him, Duque wants to be tough on crime, drugs and armed rebellion.

“We have to construct a culture that respects the rule of law,” added Duque.