ANC: ProKid was firmly in touch with daily experiences of an African child


The African National Congress (ANC) said South Africans were fortunate to have witnessed the extraordinary talents of local hip-hop icon ProKid.

ProKid died on Wednesday night, with most South Africans waking up to the shocking news on Thursday morning.

Prominent figures in the entertainment industry have already showered the late musician with praise, not only for his achievements, but also because he paved the way for many who have followed in his footsteps.

“As a trail blazer and pioneer of hip-hop in our country, ProKid, will be remembered for hits such as Ghetto Science and Uthini Ngo Pro,” said national spokesperson Pule Mabe on Thursday afternoon.

“As we mourn the passing of this distinguished son of the soil, we must consider our country fortunate to have produced and witnessed this extra-ordinary youthful talent which contributed immensely to the development of the art and in particular the Hip-Hop genre,” added Mabe.

“Pro Kid was a pioneer of township or kasi rap. He broke tradition from the Western hip-hop style of music and introduced a style of rap that combined both township lingo and English. His music had strong resonance with ordinary young people across the townships and villages of our land.

“His music narrated the daily trials and tribulations of a black child growing up in the township. Indeed, ProKid was an artist who was firmly in touch and in tune with the daily experiences of an African child.”