Boy awarded $2.1 million after female teacher sexually abused him


The San Diego Unified School District will pay an immense price, after one of its former teachers, Toni Sutton, admitted to her sexual relationship with a teenage boy at Crawford High School.

Sutton had been in a relationship with her then 15-year-old student for about eight months before anybody found out about it. Most of those sexual encounters took place on the school property, in her classroom.

Sutton was already sentenced for her crimes two years ago. However, the school’s perceived failure to protect the child had never been adequately dealt with until this week.

On Wednesday, a jury awarded the boy (who is now nineteen years old) 2.1-million dollars in damages. This trial has lasted more than two weeks.

The San Diego Tribune reports that the two had sex in Sutton’s classroom dozens of time, during school hours too. How authorities never picked up on that featured prominently in the arguments before the court during the past fortnight.

During that eight-month period, she bought the boy meals, drove him to school and spent a considerable amount of time with him outside the classroom. Lawyers arguing for the boy said there were so many red flags and that none of them were ever picked up.

Attorney Michael Kirby said: “Nobody ever follows up on anything here. There was no exercise of reasonable care in this case.”

The courts agreed with him. The District and the school are expected to contributed towards those damages.