Police’s CIT robbery response plan foils yet another robbery


The police’s newly implemented multidisciplinary response to cash-in-transit heists (CIT) appears to be yielding results, with an attempt in Tzaneen foiled and four suspects arrested.

According to the police report, a multidisciplinary team comprising of Crime Intelligence and a Tracking Team were alerted to the possibility of a CIT robbery at a filling station at the Sugar Hill Complex in Tzaneen, Limpopo.

The team responded to the alert by initially conducting an observation operation. Around 10:30 on Thursday morning, the noticed two vehicles that attracted their attention.

Police noticed a white VW Polo TSI with an MP registration. As the vehicle had attracted their attention, police ran the registration number and discovered it was false.

The observation team also noticed four men that seemed to act in a manner that attracted their attention.

As the team approached the Polo, the cash vehicle arrived. A shootout ensued, which turned into a car chase.

Four of the suspects, one with a gunshot wound, were eventually apprehended. A fifth suspect, who was armed, was able to escape on foot. Police are however on his trail.

Police seized two vehicles, the Polo and a silver BMW.

National Commissioner of Police General Khehla John Sitole, commended the team for its swift response to the intelligence and successful foiling of a robbery.

“CIT robberies threaten the safety of our communities as these brazen criminals do not hesitate to shoot their way out when confronted with possible arrest. I have to commend the bravery of our members who did not back down during a shootout and managed to arrest these suspects before they could commit robbery. This is as the result of the police‚Äôs pursuance on stamping the authority of the state. We will continue to squeeze the space of criminals to zero,” General Sitole commended the team.