ANC calls for firmer gun regulations


The African National Congress (ANC) is calling for firmer firearm regulations, after the murder rate went up by 6.9 percent in the past financial year.

However, the more glaring deficiency in the South African crime fighting system is the failure to limit access to illegal firearms. Failure to address that could render attempts to better regulate firearm purchases useless.

Reacting to the crime statistics delivered by the South African Police on Tuesday, ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu said: “The report reflects firearms (41 percent) and knives (31 percent) as the key instruments used to commit murder. ”

The second element of that statement points to an even greater problem. How does one control access to other deadly weapons, that are not firearms?

Leader of the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus), Piet Groenewald – like many on the right of politics – does not believe in more gun restrictions but rather in better implementation of the laws that currently exist.

There is also the point of view that the flow of illegal weapons is directly related to the alarmingly high number of robberies in South Africa, many of which take place in people’s homes.

In essence, those on the right believe that the ANC government ought to pay more attention to a bigger problem – the sheer lack of capacity in the South African Police Service.