McGluwa: South Africa resembles a war zone


Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the North West, Joe McGluwa, said the African National Congress (ANC) had failed in its most important duty – that of protecting South Africans.

The crime statistics, released on Tuesday, are not flattering by any stretch of the imagination.

Murders have increased for a sixth consecutive year and sexual offences have increased during the past financial year.

Aggravated robberies have also increased during the past financial year. The sentiment is – from the DA anyway – that the ANC-led government simply has not prioritized the safety of its citizens.

The glaring statistic, which has sparked commentary across the board, is the national murder rate. The North West has not been immune to this.

Citing what has transpired in the North West province, McGluwa said: “In North West, 49 more people were murdered than in the previous year, meaning that 950 people were murdered here from March 2017 to April 2018.”

“The rise in the number of stock theft and murders of farmers and farmworkers confirm the need to re-instate the special rural safety units. North West and Limpopo currently suffer the second most farm murders in the country,” added McGluwa.

“The ANC has ignored the DA’s pleas to bring back the units to protect our vulnerable rural communities. It is shocking that most of these murders take place in the victims’ houses and it is no wonder that people in North West no longer feel safe in their own homes.

“In SA 57 people are murdered per day and indeed, it resembles a warzone, that has been allowed to flourish under the failing ANC.”