#Uzalo tackling social issues with storylines


Uzalo is definitely keeping viewers glued to their screens, as they once again top the list for being the most-watched television show in South Africa.

The latest storylines in the drama are engaging – including every topic from forgiveness, betrayal and other social issues.

MaNgcobo might soon have to witness her man, Nkunzi, marry MaMlambo in the same church she shamed them in.

Sbu’s plan to get back into Nkunzi’s good books might see his dear friend, Mxolisi, get killed by Nkunzi.

The addition of new characters is also something that will be keeping viewers tuned in.

A new family has arrived in KwaMashu after having to flee their village, Manguza after a bounty was placed on their albino daughter.

The drama is just too much and viewers are loving it!