WATCH: YoungstaCPT tells fans to not ignore the ‘SY?NZ’

Image: @thingsbydylan

Following the success of his #3TSchoolTour, YoungstaCPT has released the video for his latest single, SY?NZ and it has everyone talking about it.  

Social media has been buzzing since YoungstaCPT dropped the “movie video” for the single, in which he takes fans on an educational journey about gang signs.

The YASIS hitmaker decided that it was time for the truth to be told about what really happens in gang-ridden areas on the Cape Flats, speaking about facts that the media doesn’t really like to address.

In the video, YoungstaCPT spreads awareness about gang-related murders on the Cape Flats.

“Since TV don’t want to tell our stories, I’m going to do it with audio visuals,” he wrote.

On Thursday, YoungstaCPT shared an article “#CrimeStats: Western Cape has by far the most gang-related murders”, with t”Don’t ignore the SY?NZ (signs)”.

Watch the video below!