Top 5 foods to eat when wanting to burn extra belly fat


Winter has been great but it is now time to pack away all of those extra thick jackets and bring out the short skirts and bright dresses. Summer is fast approaching and while most are so ready to head to the beach and show off brand new bikinis, some of us are not quite ready to hit the beach just yet. 

When it comes to wanting to lose weight to make sure you’re not late for the “summer body” train, one often has to think carefully about what we should and shouldn’t eat when trying to get rid of those extra kilos.

It can be extremely difficult when you’re trying to get rid of that extra belly fat but you have no clue about what foods you should be eating.

But don’t worry, here are five of the best fat burning foods that you should add to your daily diet now!

  1. Tuna – fish is your best friend when trying to lose weight. Tuna is packed with lean protein and Omega 3s. This also fills you up and curbs unnecessary food cravings.

2. Cottage Cheese – This is a solid source of protein and is low in calories.

3. Berries – Berries contain less sugar than most fruit. They are packed with fibre and antioxidants.

4. Eggs – Adding an egg to your breakfast or salad can contribute to helping you lose belly fat. Pair your healthy egg breakfast with whole-grain toast and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your flat-tummy goal.

5. Avocados – People who love this fruit will be glad to hear that this helps with reducing your waist size. It was discovered in a study in 2013 that people who eat avocados regularly have a lower waist circumference and BMI.