Crowdfunding campaign launched to help send Dros rape victim to therapy


A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for the 7-year-old girl who was allegedly raped inside a Dros restaurant in Pretoria.

The campaign was started by anonymous donors to raise funds for therapy sessions for the child.

Nicholas Ninow was arrested after he was caught inside the restroom, completely naked with the victim.

According to reports, the alleged rapist had been watching the victim play in the play area until she left to use the restroom and he followed her. He then allegedly raped her inside the men’s toilet.

When the girl’s mother noticed that her daughter was no longer in the play area, she started looking for her. She could not find her but heard noises coming from the men’s toilet.

Upon investigation, the mother tried to open the door but it was blocked. The suspect opened the door after the mother caused a commotion.

“He was completely naked and so was the child. The child was bleeding from the groin. When some of the male customers saw this, they started assaulting the man. One of the managers locked the restroom door to protect the man from mob justice. The little girl was rescued and police were called. There was a trail of blood in the restroom,” the witness said.

Ninow appeared in court last week where he faces a charge of rape‚ possession of drugs‚ intimidation and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The case has been postponed to November 1.