#TropikaSmooothFan: Getting to know Khaya Dladla


The debut season of Tropika Smoooth Fan is here and media personality Khaya Dladla is the first celebrity to put his biggest fans to the test as they compete to prove they are the star’s smooothest fan.

Khaya has gained a massive following over the years thanks to his character GC on the popular SABC 1 drama Uzalo.

This week, four die-hard celebrity fans will compete in various interactive games in the hopes of being crowned Khaya’s smooothest fan.

The winner of each round will make it to the semi-finals to compete against the smooothest fans of the other celebrity contestants where, after another round of games, the two top contestants will go head to head in the final on December 7.

With the actor’s hectic schedule he saw that the show would be the perfect way to interact with his fans.

“I wanted people to get to know me instead of my character. And, the fact that it is a Tropika game show makes me so happy because the brand feels like an old friend to me.”

The media personality says it’s important to recognize his fans because “we are because they are”. The star explains that “The more likes we get on social media, the more followers we get on social media and the impact we have makes us feel like we make a difference

“Our fans help build our brands through the love they send. As an entertainer, you have an audience listening so it’s important to give them recognition as well.”

Khaya has become a household name across Mzansi because of his Uzalo character which fans can never get enough of. The actor says that he tries to be as real as possible so that people can identify with him.

“Even on Uzalo, I try to resemble a character that someone has met before because we want to tell real stories.”

Fans play a huge part in personalities/celebrities lives whether one recognizes it or not. Khaya admits that his fans have taught him many important lessons in his career.

“They taught me humility and to always be as real as possible” which “has helped so many people relate to both me and my character on Uzalo.”

Dealing with fans at times for celebrities/personalities can be a positive or negative experience.

Khaya says he has “had positive and negative interactions with fans which has changed my life in some way” He recalls one interaction with a fan that led him to “tears” as it “really shook” him.

” A fan hugged me, spun me around and stuck his tongue in my mouth. That was the first time I cried from a fan interaction.”

However, not all experiences are the same. Another interaction with a fan had Khaya realising “how easily people look to celebrities for motivation and I knew that I wanted to use my fame to inspire people.”

Most fans would think they know everything about their favourite celebrity but sometimes there are those things that one just doesn’t know.

Khaya says that many of his fans may not know that he runs “a lot of CSI projects and I do a lot of charity work” and this is something he keeps to himself “because I don’t want people to think I am doing it for media attention.”

The star has also been learning a new craft ‘DJing” and is “working on a different concept on how to launch myself as that.”

In the coming Khaya’s fans can expect to see a different side of the actor as he has been working on his “music for over a year”.

“I come from musical theatre so I am excited to show the country that side of me,” he explains. Fans will also get to know Khaya as a radio presenter as he has joined Durban station Gagasi FM as a presenter.

Be sure to Catch Tropika Smoooth Fan every Friday at 18:00 on SABC 1 and see just how well fans know their favourites.