Sudan's military leadership sign landmark power-sharing deal

By Doug Mattushek - 17 July 2019Views : 1202

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council has signed a landmark deal with the opposition to create a transitional power-sharing body.

Since the ousting of dictator Omar al-Bashir in April, the North African nation has been in turmoil. A military council declared themselves interim rulers until the nation can host a democratic election. However, this lead to months of protests in Khartoum that have resulted in the death of hundreds of people.

On Wednesday, Al Jazeera reported that the TMC signed a political accord with the Forces of Freedom and Change (FCC). The agreement will see a joint military-civilian council that was reside of Sundan’s affairs on a rotational basis.

"The signing of the document is a huge achievement representing a very decisive step towards an all-inclusive agreement amongst all the forces in Sudan," said African Union special envoy Mohammed El Hassan Labat.

"It ushers a new era and paves the way for the upcoming step … [which involves] consideration and deliberations over the constitutional document for the transitional period."

Al Jazeera's Hiba Morgan revealed more about the intricacies of the agreement.

"The political agreement specifies that there will be five members from each side in the sovereign council, which will effectively be the presidency of the country," said Morgan.

"There will be members nominated by the FFC to the executive council which will be considered the ministers.

"The document doesn't mention what roles the sovereign and executive councils will have - that will be defined in the constitutional declaration, which is going to be the core of the transitional agreement and state exactly what role the sovereign council will play."

Further constitutional agreements are due to be announced on Friday.