Lady Frere serial rapist sentenced to 105 years behind bars

By Chanice Jennike - 20 July 2019Views : 525

Convicted serial rapist, Headman Mdyosi was sentenced to four life and 105 years sentences for murder, attempted murder and rape of six women at Queenstown Regional Court on Friday.

According to a police statement, Mdyosi was found guilty for six counts of rape and one count of attempted murder after he raped and murdered four young women from Ngcuka village, Lady Frere.

The four young women, aged between 20-24 years, were attacked between April and December 2012. A 61-year-old woman was lucky to escape his assault after he tried to rape and kill her.

The cases were investigated without luck and were closed after three years of unsuccessful investigation in 2015.

“The suspect continued with his raping spree in 2015 when he sexually assaulted a 21-year-old woman on 15 May 2015. Although she raped and attacked her, the victim survived the ordeal.”

It is after the suspect raped the sixth survivor aged, 21 that police detectives finally arrested him on 05 June 2015 for rape. His DNA profile positively linked him to the murder and rape of the four women from Lady Frere.

Handing over the sentence, Jugde Mbulelo Jokwana said, “He is not allowed to be among the members of the community and had no sign of remorse throughout the course of the trial.”