Disney reveals next stage of Marvel Comic Universe films

By Doug Mattushek - 21 July 2019Views : 75

Marvel Studios revealed the fourth phase of Marvel Comic Universe films at Comic Con on the weekend.

The San Diego event was attended by some of the big names set to grace the silver screen for Disney, who owns Marvel Studios.

These included superstar Angelina Jolie, who will star in the new The Eternals, a story about a group of immortal aliens set for release in November 2020,.

"I’m going to work ten times harder," the Hollywood star told the press.

"We all know what the task is ahead, and we know what you deserve, and so we are all going to be working very hard. So I am in training and thrilled."

The studio also revealed it will release a fourth Thir film entitled, “Thor: Love and Thunder” where Natalie Portman will star as the female Goddess of thunder.

"I’ve always had a little hammer envy," quipped the Oscar winner.

Scarlett Johansson is also set to star in her own Black Widow film, while sequels of Black Panther and Captain America are in the mix.

Finally, in a move that is likely to divide lovers of the ultra-violent cult classic Blade, Mahershala Ali is set to replace action-star Wesley Snipes in a reboot. Does Disney have no shame?