Makhura and Mashaba weigh in on JHB violence

By Doug Mattushek - 02 August 2019Views : 1529

Gauteng Premier David Makhura and Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba lamented the reaction of police in the face of violence on Thursday.

Johannesburg CBD was thrown into chaos late on Thursday afternoon when police arrived to confiscate counterfeit goods being sold by vendors in the CBD. Violent crowds threw petrol bombs and rocks at police and while they retaliated with rubber bullets, police backed off and left the area without making any arrests.

Makhura claimed these actions “will never be tolerated”.

"Some foreign nationals who sell counterfeit goods and occupy buildings illegally in the CBD attacked our police with bottles and petrol bombs," tweeted Makhura.

"This despicable crime against our state will never be tolerated. #OkaeMolao will respond in full force to defend the rule of law."

Mashaba echoed these sentiments, but lamented the fact that there were no arrests made.

"I am deeply hurt and devastated to wake up this morning to learn that not a single criminal is arrested after the blatant disregard of our country’s laws yesterday in the inner city. I would have expected the city to have been closed off and all criminals behind bars by now," he said on twitter.

Protesters claimed that police were treating them inhumanely during the raid to seize their counterfeit goods, sparking a fight back.