Fans find Drake's mini-me!

By Chanice Jennike - 03 August 2019Views : 1845

After Rihanna revealed her mini doppelganger on Instagram, fans believe that they found another celebrity's mini-me!

Rihanna left fans shook when she stumbled across a snap of a little girl who looked exactly like her when she was younger. 

"Almost dropped my phone. How?" she wrote on Instagram.

Now fans believe they have found another mini and many are agreeing that this little boy looks exactly like Drake. 

Posted on The Shade Room's page, fans were convinced this is Drake's mini-me. 

"We found #Drake’s mini-me, too."

Many were shocked by the resemblance, while others believed that the little boy in the video posted could be Drake's son, Adonis. 

Check out the snap of Drake's mini-me here

What do you think? Does this look exactly like Drake?