Youth caught at Cape Town mall with R150k worth of tik

By Doug Mattushek - 03 August 2019Views : 792

A youth at a Cape Town shopping centre who appeared to be " very nervous" was caught with an estimated R150, 000 worth of tik.

Police were suspicious about youth at a Cape Town shopping centre who they believed to be "very nervous" turned out to be well-founded. It leads to them seizing a quantity of tik with an estimated street value of R150,000.

Officers attached to the Muizenberg SAPS were conducting "observations in a shopping centre when a suspect was overheard reporting that there was a police vehicle in the vicinity".

"The suspicious youth appeared to be very nervous and seemed to be on the lookout for police in the area. Constable Julian Jacobs, called for back-up and the station commander, Colonel Vassie Naidoo, who was doing crime prevention patrols nearby, responded to the call for back-up.

Police said, "The SAPS members approached the suspect and searched him. They found him to be in possession of five 100g packets of tik, worth an estimated street value of R150,000".