US shootings: 29 killed in two separate incidents

By Doug Mattushek - 04 August 2019Views : 991

A total of 26 lives have been lost following two mass shootings in the United States on Saturday.

A gunman walked into a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and gunned down 20 people before he was finally taken down and arrested.

The shooting took place on Saturday at the Cielo Vista Mall, which is just a few kilometres from the US-Mexico border. US reports have revealed the attacker as local Patrick Crusius and he had a manifesto, leading authorities to believe his attack was racially motivated. The 21-year-old Crusius is currently in police custody.

“Right now we have a manifesto from this individual that indicates to some degree, it has a nexus to potential hate crime,” Police chief Greg Allen told the press, adding that another 26 were in hospital.

US President Donald Trump reacted to the news on twitter, calling the attack “hateful”.

"I know that I stand with everyone in this country to condemn today's hateful act. There are no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people,” he tweeted.

Just hours later, another shooting occurred outside a bar in Dayton, Ohio. Reports revealed that nine people were dead, including the shooter. A further 16 were injured and taken to hospital.

"We had officers in the immediate vicinity when this shooting began and were able to respond and put an end to it quickly," tweeted Dayton police department.

Authorities cannot confirm if there are any links between the incidents.