Deborah Cox landed safely in Washington 'in spite of incident' on SAA plane

By Oluthando Keteyi - 06 August 2019Views : 992

US singer Deborah Cox was left unimpressed with South African Airways (SAA) after her flight was delayed for three hours during a recent visit to Africa.

Taking to social media, the star expressed her disappointment at the airline after a traumatic experience, whilst flying home.

"South African Airlines, Fire in Cockpit, God Help Us" shared the singer along with a video of the scary moment.

In another video, Cox explained to her followers, what transpired on the aircraft.

“We just had the scariest situation just happen, there was a fire in the cockpit and we had to do an emergency landing

Cox in another tweet expressed that airline handled the situation terribly.

Upon her arrival in Washington, the star tweeted that in "spite of the incident" she had "a beautiful time in Accra for the Year of the Return initiative, performing at the Ghana World Music Festival...."

SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali denied the allegation that there was a fire in the cockpit.

"There was no fire in the cockpit. What we are aware of at this stage is that the aircraft experienced a technical problem, making it undesirable to continue with the flight from Accra to Washington D.C."