Family of fugitive Czech mobster Radovan fears for his life

By Doug Mattushek - 10 August 2019Views : 856

Radovan Krejcir's daughter-in-law Marlene fears that he could be murdered soon if he isn't moved out of Leeuwkom maximum prison urgently.

She expressed her concern when talking to the Saturday Star, "Now more than ever, we feel like his life is in genuine danger."

Krejcir lost an urgent bid to be moved from Leeuwkop prison on Monday. The 50-year-old wants to be moved from the prison in Bryanston as he is convinced the head of the prison, Anthony Gina, instructed a fellow inmate to poison him by lacing his sugar.

However, prison officials have rubbised the alleged "hit" on his life.

Krejcir claims fellow inmate Vusi Mkhefa was promised early release if he "did the job", but got cold feet and rather handed him "the small bag" which contains the alleged lethal substance.

In the papers filed before the Gauteng High Court, Krejcir said "I am fearing for my life".

His daughter-in-law, Marlene, said the family were deeply disturbed by the alleged hit and wanted him urgently transferred or for Gina to be removed from his position.

"We are saddened by the fact we can now clearly see that Radovan cannot received a fair trial in South Africa."

Krejcir, who is serving a 35-year sentence for a string of convictions, which include drug trafficking, kidnapping, and attempted murder, has been vocal about his alleged ill-treatment at Leeuwkop.

Marlene said her father-in-law was finding it "terribly difficult" in the prison. With Krejcir being allowed two ten-minute monthly phone calls in English only. His access to the prison shop, has been revoked and he has no proper access to the prison doctor.