Cele on the Cape Flats: 1004 arrested in Operation Lockdown so far

By Doug Mattushek - 12 August 2019Views : 1197

Minister of Police Bheki Cele visited the violence-ridden Cape Flats on Monday to give the public an update on Operation Lockdown.

The operation - in conjunction with the South African National Defence Force - began a month ago on July 12 and Cele described some significant inroads that have been made in selected hotspots.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the progress made since the start of the operations," Cele told the media scrum.

"1004 suspects have been arrested for various crimes including Murder, attempted murder, armed robberies and hijackings.

"Members of the media, tracing operations resulted in the arrest of 806 wanted suspects, for a series of crimes including domestic violence, armed robbery, high-jacking Assault GBH. Others are behind bars for possession of firearms and ammunition as well as dealing in drugs and alcohol.

"On the gang front, we continue making inroads in dealing with gang violence, currently 20 members a notorious gang are before the Western Cape High Court. They are charged in terms of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act."

Cele added that 45 firearms, 1036 round of ammunition and 78 knives had also been confiscated during police raids.

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"We again urge members of the community to work closely with the Joint security forces and support them with information on any criminal activities, be it the peddling of drugs, firearms, ammunition and any planned attacks," he continued.

"In the same breath, we acknowledge the role played by scores of community volunteers, neighbourhood watches, crime fighters and civil society in their efforts to rid communities of the scourge of criminality.

"We acknowledge that crime is stabilising however we would have love to see the figures dropping even further, with concerted effort we are working towards reducing the figures even further. It’s important to note Operation Lockdown remains a temporary initiative.

"On the policing front we need to prepare ourselves for a period when these additional forces are withdrawn.

"I have said this before and I will say it again, criminals… particularly gangsters and gang leaders – Your days are numbered!"