47 murdered in bloody weekend on Cape Flats - despite SANDF deployment

By Oscar Sanders - 13 August 2019Views : 1372

The Cape Flats recorded one of its bloodiest weekends in history despite the deployment of the army with 47 people murdered.

27 shootings, 13 stabbings and seven 'murders by other means' occurred across the Cape Town metropolitan region. It comes just days before police minister Bheki Cele is set to update the media on how the deployment of the SANDF is going.

Western Cape premier Alan Winde says everyone needs to work together to 'put a stop' to the 'senseless violence'.

“This weekend was another devastating weekend in the metro with 47 murders recorded," said Winde.

"In addition to these weekend deaths, we also saw the tragic shooting of Sadiqah Newman, who was eight months' pregnant, in Manenberg and the discovery of Meghan Cremer’s body on Thursday. Both young women had their lives cut short by senseless violence. We need to put a stop to this.

“We welcome the fact that police made swift arrests in both cases, and hope the criminal justice system will do its work to ensure that those responsible for these deaths are removed from society and unable to hurt more people."

Among the dead were a mother stabbed by her teenage son in Kuils River and an eight-months pregnant woman who was caught in gang crossfire in Manenberg while walking to the shop to buy electricity.

“Violence like we’ve seen over the past weekend impacts the whole province and all areas of government. We have seen the strain that violence is placing on our health system, with massive increases in gunshot injuries resulting in surgeries which are not life-threatening being pushed back," said Winde.

"We see the impact of violence on children and teachers in schools, and it impacts our ability as a province to attract the investment we need to grow the economy and create jobs which assist in solving the crime crisis in this province.”