Krugersdorp killers get multiple life sentences

By Doug Mattushek - 19 August 2019Views : 978

The Gauteng High Court handed down multiple life sentences to Cecilia Steyn, Marcel Steyn and Zak Valentine on Monday.

The trio were responsible for 11 murders between 2012 and 2016. On Monday, Judge Ellem Jacob Francis handed down his final sentencing for the remaining trio.

Mastermind of the killings Cecilia, was sentenced to 152 years in prison, or 13 life sentences. Valentine will serve eight life sentences while 21-year-old Marcel steyn received a 144 year sentence.

This was despite Marcel’s advocate claiming that she was brainwashed by her aunt Cecilia and has the mind of a "10-year-old child".

"From the time accused number three (Marcel) came into contact with accused number two (Cecilia) and her mother placed her in her care, up until the time of her arrest and up until she decided to change her version and come clean to the court, accused number three was under the same manipulation, the same control, the same spell and the same state of mind that she was as a 10-year-old child," heard the court last Thursday.

Le Roux Steyn, Marcel's older brother, entered a plea bargain with the State in 2018 after being involved in seven of the murders and is serving out 35 years for each. Marcels. Mother, Miranda, was previously convicted and is currently serving out a 115 year sentence.

John Barnard, another part of the group - who called themselves Electus per Dues (chosen by God) - is serving 20 years after his 2016 conviction.