Lying on your CV? You could face five years in prison

By Doug Mattushek - 21 August 2019Views : 610

A new bill being gazetted by government proposes harsh punishment for anyone caught submitting fraudulent qualifications.

IOL reports that President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Act into law last week

While the South African Qualifications Authority still has to do the preparatory work for the new law, is it stands, there will be five year prison sentences and/or unspecified fines for people found guilty of falsely claiming to be holding qualifications.

"A person, an education institution or skills development provider is guilty of an offence if a person, the education institution or skills development provider claims to be offering a qualification or part-qualification registered on the NQF whereas that qualification or part-qualification is not so registered," reads the statute.

The law also covers fraud in the event of people making "false entries in the national learners' records database or are party to the falsification, dissemination or publication of a qualification or part-qualification of any person."