Ramaphosa says current health system is "unfair "

By Doug Mattushek - 23 August 2019Views : 614

President Cyril Ramaphosa outlined the short-comings in the current health system as he campaigned for the National Health Insurance Bill.

Ramaphosa was in the hot seat in parliament on Thursday, fielding questions from the house about all and sundry. One popular topic was the divisive NHI Bill, which seeks to provide free healthcare to all of Mzansi.

While it is yet to be determined where the estimated R300 billion per annum will come from, Ramaphosa pointed out that the transformation is much needed.

"In South Africa, we are confronting severe inequality, where around R250 billion is spent on the 16% of the population who have access to private health care, while only R220 billion goes towards health care for the rest of the population," said Ramaphosa.

"There are those who say we must leave things as they are. We are called upon to retain an unjust system that deprives the majority of South Africans access to the doctors, specialists, allied health professionals that are supposed to serve only a few to the exclusion of the rest.

"To this we say: 'No'. This is unfair, inefficient and unsustainable.

"We have enough resources in this country to give every man, woman and child health care, but we refuse because we want to promote the interests of a few to the detriment of the rest."