In-demand jobs that offer promising salaries and growth potential

By Doug Mattushek - 26 August 2019Views : 2527

Although most South Africans apply for jobs suited to their skills and experience, it would be amazing to have a little insight as to what a position’s growth opportunities are before applying.

We took a look at one of LinkedIn’s recent lists of most promising jobs, and then compared data from the online job aggregator Adzuna, in order to compile our own list of South Africa’s hottest jobs with the most growth potential. Here’s a quick look at the best-paying jobs with the best growth prospects in the country.

1. Data Scientist

Average salary: R706,264 per year

Data scientists are responsible for helping companies interpret and manage their data and are also tasked with solving complex problems by using their expertise in a variety of data niches. These guys are girls generally have a solid foundation in computer science, modelling, statistics, analytics, and math. Of course, they also have a keen sense of business, which is why they’re high in demand.

2. Scrum Master

Average salary: R614,659 per year

A scrum master is not the guy responsible for teaching the Springboks how to perfect their art in the scrum. Instead, this professional is tasked with assisting the software engineering team in their delivery of customer delighting products. In order to excel in their field and bring home the best kind of bacon, scrum masters need to be Scrum Master Certified, have knowledge or experience with Agile methodologies, and need to have at least a couple of years’ worth of experience within a scrum team.

3. Software Engineer

Average salary: R587,220 per year

Software engineers are in high demand and are roles that promise a lot of potential growth, especially for interns and entry-level employees. As a software engineer, you’ll be creating, maintaining, auditing and improving systems to ensure they meet the needs of the systems analyst or architect. You will also be in charge of testing hardware and software systems in order to diagnose and resolve any errors.

4. Tax Manager

Average salary: R511,827 per year

Job seekers that majored in accounting and those that have a background in law might want to consider becoming tax managers. This job will see you taking responsibility for tax compliance, driving tax initiatives and processes, and supporting the tax audits within specific regions.

5. Analytics Manager

Average salary: R546,951 per year

Analytics managers can potentially work cross-departmentally. At some companies, a sales analytics manager needs sales and business analytics experience in order to help the company close more deals and sell more efficiently.

6. Program Manager

Average salary: R552, 259

Program managers are employed in every single industry out there and are the primary point of contact when it comes to the evaluation, negotiation, identification of business value, and prioritisation of requests. Program managers act as coordinators for an organisation’s projects, which means they supervise and organise activities and ensure that the project’s goals align with the company’s objectives.