Stimela drummer Isaac ‘Bro Mnca’ Mtshali has died

By Oluthando Keteyi - 26 August 2019Views : 803

Isaac “Bro Mnca” Mtshali, the former drummer and co-founder of ‘Stimela’ has died.

Guitarist Jabu Sibumbe confirmed that Mtshali passed away on Sunday afternoon to TshisaLive.

"Yes it's true, we got news that he (Mtshali) collapsed yesterday and the family is still settling the news and announcements, hence we ask time a bit to better talk much about the passing. We are still to find out what really happened as the whole family is gathering here," said Sibumbe.

Mtshali was one of the longest surviving members of Stimela, which was led by songwriter and lead singer of Ray Phiri, who died in 2017.

Stimela frontman Sam Ndlovu, speaking on Power FM said, that he was "at a loss for words. I got to understand the person behind the music.

“He gave the drums a face. He gave a song a personality. Very few people come close to what that man possessed, the discipline," said Ndlovu.