Panty pistol perpetrator leads to weapons stash

By Doug Mattushek - 30 August 2019Views : 495

A woman fleeing from security was found to have a gun hidden in her underwear, leading to a bigger discovery.

The Delft Neighbourhood Safety Team in Cape Town were patrolling in Leiden on Thursday night when they approached two suspicious men and a woman. Safety and security mayoral committee member JP Smith revealed more.

"Upon approaching the suspects to perform a search the lady tried running away whereby [an officer] gave chase and got her," said Smith in a statement.

"Upon searching the female [the officer] found a firearm in her panty. The female suspect then admitted that she is the carrier of the firearm and gave information about more firearms that's hidden on their premises."

When the police acted on the information and searched her home, they found a significant weapons stash that included two Uzi sub-machine guns, three other handguns, a .22 rifle and 30 live 9mm rounds of ammunition.

The suburb has been rocked by gang violence and SANDF soldiers are patrolling the area as part of Operation Lockdown.