Hurricane Dorian the strongest ever to hit Bahamas

By Doug Mattushek - 02 September 2019Views : 728

Hurricane Dorian became the biggest storm to hit the Bahamas when it made landfall on Sunday night.

The category five hurricane brought winds of 295kph with gusts of over 350kph, torrential rain and a storm surge of seven metres to the Carribean island.

The BBC reports that there was precious little news from the island after power cuts affected internet access. That said, director general of the ministry of tourism and aviation, Joy Jibrilu, confirmed that while there had been heavy damage, no deaths had been reported.

"It's devastating," Jibrilu told the BBC.

"There has been huge damage to property and infrastructure. Luckily, no loss of life reported."

Dorian is now moving toward the US coast at a steady 9kph and is expected to skirt the south east while moving north for most of the week.

"The hurricane will move dangerously close to the Florida east coast late Monday through Tuesday night," confirmed the US National Hurricane Centre on Reuters.

In preparation, President Trump issued a state of emergency in Florida and 2000 National Guard troops have been deployed, with another 2000 on standby. Additionally, South Carolina issued a mandatory evacuation of the coast, affecting over 830 000 people.