How Ramaphosa plans to stop gender-based violence

By Doug Mattushek - 06 September 2019Views : 573

President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the podium to address the nation on the recent wave of gender-based violence.

Ramaphosa, who took a break from the World Economic Forum of Africa conference, spoke out against violence against women and called on men to lead the change.

"Violence against women is not a women's problem," read Ramaphpsa's speech.

"It is not a problem of what a woman said or did, what a woman was wearing, or where she was walking. Violence against women is a men's problem."

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While Ramaphosa did not go as far as mentioning the death penalty and a state of emergency - both of which protesters have acalled for - he did promise several postive moves towards curbing gender-based violence.

"This National Register of Offenders will list all the men convicted of acts of violence against women and children," he continued.

"I will ask Parliament to consider amending the legislation to make the register public. I will propose to Cabinet that all crimes against women and children  should attract harsher minimum sentences.

"We agree with the women of our country that the state should oppose bail and parole for perpetrators of rape and murder against women and children.

"We will address other systemic challenges such as the backlog of cases, delays in DNA testing and the availability of rape test kits in our police stations.

"We will use every means at the disposal of the state – from the police service to the justice system, from social development programmes to our school curriculum – to strengthen all parts of our national response to gender-based violence.

"We will implement a national multi-faceted plan to prevent gender-based violence through school programmes, community initiatives and workplace policies."