Law enforcement to have presence on Cape Town buses

By Doug Mattushek - 08 September 2019Views : 785

The City of Cape Town has signed an agreement with Golden Arrow Bus Service (GABS) to allow for law enforcement to perform duties on buses.

IOL reports that the memorandum of agreement will see the appointment of 20 law enforcement officers that will be present on Golden Arrow buses, ensuring the safety of passengers and allowing them to act on crime swiftly. They will also act as extra security at bus depots.

"The memorandum will allow the city to work closely with GABS and will give passengers added value and peace of mind in knowing that there will be a law enforcement presence on buses," said mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith in a statement.

"Officers will liaise closely with passengers so that they can gather information about possible criminal activity, plan accordingly, and act swiftly where necessary. In this regard the city would like to request passengers to assist officers in informing them of any anti-social behaviour, or other activities that could cause a disturbance on buses."