Nigerian political party eager to take over SA companies following xenophobia

By Doug Mattushek - 08 September 2019Views : 1103

A Nigerian political party has called for their own government to nationalise the South African companies operating in Nigeria.

This comes as a response to the xenophobic attacks on its forerign nationals in South Africa over the week. Some Nigerians responded by raiding Shoprite and MTN stores operating out of the capital, Abuja, as well as Lagos.

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Adams Oshiomhole, the chairman of the leading All Progressives Congress party, told local station Channels Television that the government should attempt to take over the shares of the companies that are owned by South Africans.

Oshiomhole also called for Nigerians to boycott South African products and the revocation of landing rights for the financially struggling South African Airways in Nigeria.

"Whereas South Africans continue to benefit from the Nigerian business environment and repatriating billions of dollars, the South African authorities appear jealous of the menial jobs which some Nigerians and other black people are involved in," said Oshiomhole.

"It is worth it for the Nigerian government to take steps to take over the remaining shares of MTN that are owned by South Africans."