Revealed: The Post Office's mistake in employing Mrwetyana's murderer

By Doug Mattushek - 08 September 2019Views : 3487

Following an investigation into the hiring of the man accused of killing student Uyinene Mrwetyana, it has been found the the South African Post Office knew of his criminal record.

Mrwetyana was raped and killed in Clareinch Post Office by an employee who lied under oath about his criminal past.

The Citizen reports that the 42-year-old had a conviction in 1998 relating to a hijacking and was handed an eight year sentence, where he served five and had three years suspended.

"These findings were made available to SAPO officials in June 2018." revealed SAPO board member Charles Nwaila in a statement.

"However, the information was not disclosed to the Executive and Board. SAPO is investigating the circumstances that led to the information not been shared with the Executive and Board.

"It is shameful for us that our name – and by extension, the name of our shareholder and that of our government – are associated with such gruesome criminality."

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Nwaila added that the accused was temporary staff who were absorbed into SAPO in 2012 and there was no additional screening done of the employees as they were already in the system.

"However, when this group of employees were offered permanent part-time employment contracts in 2013, the implicated employee submitted his CV as well as qualifications and declared that he had no previous criminal convictions," continued Nwaila.

"During 2016, the implicated employee was appointed into a permanent teller position. During this time he had signed another declaration confirming that he did not have any criminal record.

"He also affirmed an oath required by the SAPO Act committing to be honest and trustworthy, and to act in accordance with the law."

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