New SA poll reveals one in ten feel its ok for a man to hit his partner

By Doug Mattushek - 09 September 2019Views : 528

A poll has revealed a worrying trend in perceptions around marital relations in South Africa.

Global market research and opinion firm, Ipsos, interviewed a sample of 3600 South Africans between March and April this year around dynamics in relationships.

"The relationship between a woman and her husband/partner is the closest and most trusted that a woman should have in her life," read the survey preamble.

"So, how do South Africans feel about the dynamics between man and wife and is it necessary for a woman to 'obey' her partner or husband?"

One of the most telling results was the section around abuse. The poll reported that at least one in every ten interviewees found it acceptable for a man to hit his partner of wife.

Given the current wave of protests against gender based violence and the plight of women in South Africa, the survey’s results are particularly poignant.

Other results also point to South Africa’s conservative ideology and prevalent paternalism. For example, 63% of respondents believed that a woman should obey her partner or husband. What's more is that there was a higher percentage of women that agreed with that statement (64% to 62%) than men.