EFF rejects EWN's apology following Barry Bateman's vulgar comments

By Chanice Jennike - 11 September 2019Views : 440

The EFF has reportedly rejected an apology by Eyewitness News over an insult made by one of its journalists aimed at the party leader, Julius Malema. 

Barry Bateman was caught on camera using foul language while in conversation with another journalist following a media briefing by Malema outside Hawks’ offices on Tuesday.

WATCH: Barry Bateman calls Malema a p***

Eyewitness News then issued an apology to Malema after Bateman called him a "p**s" during the impromptu press briefing. 

"Eyewitness News unreservedly apologises to the Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema for the foul language used by its reporter, Barry Bateman," the statement read. 

"As EWN, we demand that our reporters abide by the same high standards that we expect from others. Bateman was taken off air immediately after we were made aware of the video. EWN will hold an internal probe that will deal with the matter appropriately."

The EFF rejected the apology, calling it "lukewarm and delayed". The political called for Bateman to be suspended.

"One must simply imagine what would have happened had the EFF responded to Bateman on the scene to his naked provocation. It is obvious that many would blame EFF for being intolerant of the media and suppressing media freedom," a statement by the EFF read. 

"It is obvious that Bateman could swear at the EFF President Julius Malema because South African journalism has allowed, condoned and promoted bias reporters who have descended to the arena."