Five Steve Biko struggle quotes

By Doug Mattushek - 12 September 2019Views : 3115

42-years-ago, Steve Biko died alone in a prison cell in Pretoria after being beaten by police under the apartheid regime.

While Biko was at the forefront of the Black Consciousness Movement and leading anti-apartheid activities, his death attracted more attention than he ever had in his lifetime, serving to galvanise the anti-apartheid movement. This lives on in his words.

To commemorate his death, SA Breaking News (SABN) has picked out five quotes that give a snapshot into his brilliant mind.

"Women must be at the forefront of nation-building to bring the South African citizenry together and, therefore, develop a whole new ethos of human co-existence."

"In a bid for change, we have to take off our coats, be prepared to lose our comfort and security, our jobs and positions of prestige, and our families… A struggle without casualties is no struggle."

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed."

"A Black man should be more independent and depend on himself for his freedom and not to take it for granted that someone would lead him to it. The blacks are tired of standing at the touchlines to witness a game that they should be playing. They want to do things for themselves and all by themselves."

"I've devoted my life to see equality for blacks, and at the same time, I've denied the needs of my family. Please understand that I take these actions, not out of selfishness or arrogance, but to preserve a South Africa worth living in for blacks and whites."