Mzansi remembers Steve Biko

By Oluthando Keteyi - 12 September 2019Views : 994

On this day, September 12, 1977, Bantu Stephen Biko died in police detention at Pretoria Central Prison. But 42 years later, his memory still lives on...

Biko - a popular voice of Black liberation in South Africa - suffered head injuries after being interrogated and beaten by police authorities under the apartheid regime. 

The former anti-apartheid veteran and Black Consciousness Movement leader is remembered by many South Africans for his selfless sacrifice to restore people to their humanity.

On Thursday, as South Africa celebrated the anniversary of the Biko, his name trended across Twitter as many paid tribute to the leader who was passionate about the liberation of black people.

The anniversary of Biko's passing comes at a time when South Africa experienced a week of violent acts on foreign national's business and one has to wonder what would Biko have said to the people of Mzansi during this time.