Xenophobia is not just a South African problem

By Doug Mattushek - 12 September 2019Views : 971

Analysts have reminded Mzansi that xenophobia is by no means confined to South Africa.

The global spotlight has been shining on South Africa following a recent wave of xenophobic violence. However, it's not like the issue has never been seen elsewhere. A quick google search will tell you that xenophobia has been around since the Ancient Greeks and has occurred on every major continent since.

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Salusha Naidu, a senior associate researcher at the Institute for Global Dialogue, pointed out the ongoing border tensions between the United States and Mexico, not to mention the policies targeting Muslim nations.

"In the US, we have seen people moving from Honduras to America, with Texans saying they are prepared to pay out of their pockets to build a higher wall with Mexico," Naidu told The Citizen.

Naidu added that socio-economic issues are to blame. Those in low socio-economic status are often forced to enter another country in search of work to support themselves.

"Wherever you go in the world, you are likely to come across similar kinds of tensions against foreign migrants due to structured socio-economic conditions," she continued.

"We are dealing with people trying to survive on the margins with their livelihoods and material circumstances threatened.

"This is why migrants, whose countries are politically and economically unstable, are prepared to take risks by going through the Mediterranean Sea in a packed boat destined for southern Europe. Because of chasing for better opportunities, they are willing to face risk and dangers."