Free State woman allegedly stabs husband to death with broken bottle

By Chanice Jennike - 17 September 2019Views : 904

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly stabbed her husband to death with a broken bottle in the Free State. 

According to reports, an argument allegedly broke out between the two, resulting in the woman stabbing her husband. It is still unclear what the fight was about. 

Police spokesperson, Captain Stephen Thakeng said that they received a complaint regarding someone being stabbed in the Kgotsong Informal Settlement area. 

Upon arrival, witnesses pointed out the suspect. 

The woman stabbed her husband in the neck. 

"An argument erupted and apparently the woman grabbed a broken bottle and stabbed her husband," Thakeng said.

The woman appeared in the Bothaville Magistrate Court on Monday. Her case has since been postponed for bail application. 

She will remain in police custody.