Kim Jayde gets real about making it in Mzansi's entertainment industry

By Oluthando Keteyi - 19 September 2019Views : 1094

Kim Jayde is taking over the South African entertainment scene as she becomes one of the country’s favourite presenters. 

The Zimbabwean-born TV presenter, this year made the fifth annual Forbes 30 under 30 in Africa list in the Creatives Category for her trailblazing career, which blossomed when she was discovered by MTV Africa on Instagram.  

Speaking to SA Breaking News, the model said that making the prestigious list is her proudest career moment yet.   

"Knowing what it's like to be broke - then to be recognised by Forbes, wow, unbelievable!"  

The MTV Base presenter also acknowledges that this a "true symbol that good, honest hard work and dedication can take you from Zero to Hero".  

With over 150 000 Instagram followers, being a music presenter of one of the biggest music channels, MTV Base, Kim has a job most people would dream of! 

The award-winning presenter says that being with MTV "helps you see the world and meet the most incredible, international celebrities.   

"I often have 'pinch-me' moments! It's a dream job and opportunity in many ways," says Kim.  

Kim lives a busy life, constantly working hard on building her brand.  In doing so, she's had to take "big, crazy leaps of faith that make no sense to anyone else".  

"Ignoring my honours degree to become a full-time model in Cape Town, then ditching that life to get into entertainment in Johannesburg," says Kim.  

The 2018 recipient of Media Personality of The Year Award at the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards says she believes that "the bolder the decision, the greater the rewards have been."

The entertainment industry is constantly evolving and if you want to make it one has to adapt and make sure to stay true to who you are. 

Kim explains that her family members help her stay grounded. 

"I have four brothers that will very quickly remind me what I was like with braces, frizzy hair and no friends," she laughed. 

The 28-year-old says that upcoming women in the entertainment need to find what makes them "unique" and that they should "own it".

"It doesn't need to be a big loud, over the top trick or talent! Embrace what makes you different- that's your superpower!" says Kim. 

With news headlines always talking of women who have either been murdered, raped or both, the spotlight is on the country's government to see how they will tackle the growing issue of gender-based violence.

Kim says that she has a "long list of the laws that need to be amended" in South Africa, from the lack of protection of women in the country.

"Prevention is better than cure, and we need to stop the assault and abuse before it even happens by educating our men, and creating safer communities & cultures for our women," says Kim

Born in Zimbabwe, Kim was affected by the recent attacks on foreigner nationals living in South Africa and says that she wished South Africans knew that due to circumstances they were forced to leave their country. 

"We were forced to, in order to create better lives or get an education, or flee from war zones, or work to financially support our families."

Kim adds that "education is the key" to helping prevent acts on foreign nationals.

"An educated person will understand that black on black crime is senseless and it is dividing our continent. We are all Africans regardless of our origin."