Watch: Ramaphosa and ministers speak on Gender Based Violence

By Doug Mattushek - 19 September 2019Views : 853

Progress was made during a groundbreaking urgent sitting of Parliament towards solving the issue of Gender Based Violence.

President Cyril Ramaphoisa dressed Parliament on Wednesday afternoon, revealing an emergency action plan that will be implemented over the next six months.

All you need to know: Government details five-point plan to tackle Gender Based Violence

"While it has its own specific causes and features, gender-based violence reflects a broader crisis of violence in our society," said Ramaphosa.

"Regardless of where we stand across the political divide, each of us here today recognises the reality that we are confronting a crisis of violence and intolerance. Now is the time for all political parties to place violence against women at the centre of their concerns.

"I am looking forward today to hearing concrete proposals from political parties on how we can tackle these challenges together."