#UmjoloWithAzola brings soulmates together on Twitter

By Chanice Jennike - 20 September 2019Views : 1171

Finding love can be hard and using dating apps to find your soulmate can be exhausting, this is why Azola Mlota started #UmjoloWithAzola to help people find love on social media. 
In an interview with SABN, Azola explained that the hashtag was started for people "who are genuinely seeking partners". 
"#Umjolowithazola trends every Sunday from morning until late and its a platform for everyone who is genuinely seeking partners. People simply participate by posting their picture with the hashtag and I will retweet it to my audience on my timeline for more visibility of the post," he said. 
Azola said that the idea was inspired by people on social media. 
"It was inspired by one of my social media friends, Thabo Makaota who saw how active and responsive my Twitter friends are on topics I post."
"I actually liked the idea and decided to bring it to life. Some South Africans are really in need of genuine love, judging by the everyday DMs I receive of people asking me to hook them up to their ideal partners." 
Azola believes that with #UmjoloWithAzola, finding love is easier than going on dating apps.
Many people experience trouble with the information needed by different dating apps, but with #UmjoloWithAzola the process is much easier as people get to see their potential love interest's Twitter account and interact with each other immediately.
"Other dating sites such as Tinder for an example, has limited information about the person you're talking to. Verifying their identity often proves unsuccessful."
"#UmjoloWithAzola happens on the timeline with accounts that are easily verifiable based on their timeline (activity) and people they interact with. In addition, it was also easier for the people to participate in my tag since MTN gave us free Twitter so participation didn't require any data rather than other dating sites which you have subscribed to many things and pay."
Azola said that there are many success stories with #Umjolowithazola, but the most memorable story is about a couple from KwaZulu-Natal. 
"My favourite story is from a couple based in KwaZulu-Natal, Amanda Pahla and partner, Dimakatso (feedback from them). The guy saw her picture on the hashtag and to their surprise during their conversation on the DM they found out that they both resided in Midrand hence that created more eagerness and so they eventually met. The guy is actually younger than the lady but beacuse the magic was so real it certainly didn't stop the lady from dating him."
"I had to stimulate more of that magic by organizing a getaway trip for them to steer up that love spark at one of the resorts based in Polokwane." 
"They haven't stopped thanking my hashtag, even now, for hooking them up including the wonderful memories they shared during the trip and they proudly notified me that I will be invited at their wedding ceremomy soon," he said.